Photo Policy

In short - photos you upload should be high-quality photos of you (for models) or of your work (for other artists).

Artistic nudity is allowed - but pornography, obscenity, or anything sexually suggestive is not.

Things that are not allowed:

Placeholders, selfies, stock photos, BTS, or anything that is not representative of your work as a model or artist.


Content that exploits or presents minors in a sexual manner

Content that promotes adult sexual services

Content that threatens, harrasses, or encourages harm upon anyone or anything

Content that is deceptive

Content that displays someone else's personal information

Photos must be at least 340px x 340px - we recommend that you limit the size of your photos to 1MB to ensure speedy uploads.

Users that are not models - you may upload a photo of yourself, but it should be of professional quality, and it should not be your profile photo.

Models - upload professional photos of yourself. No selfies please.

Watermarks are OK - but pictures that are predominantly text, logo, or graphic elements are only allowed for brands.

We reserve the right to remove any photos that we believe violate the above terms, or that we believe are not suitable for our platform. Repeat offenders will be banned from the use of fstop.fm.