FStop is a small, private software company in Los Angeles that was designed from the ground up to be a lean, mean, creative machine.

If you're interested in developing skills and experience (with references to match) while contributing to an early-stage startup, take a look at the problems we're trying to solve below:

Campus Leadership

We're looking for students to help us establish FStop presence on university campuses. Campus Leads are responsible for team building and event coordination, in some cases partnering with your Career Services department to offer photography services to students.

Social Media

We're focusing our community-building efforts on Instagram and Wordpress and we're looking for someone to help improve our strategy and execution.

User Experience

We're trying to build an aggressively simple, consistent experience across multiple platforms. If you have any ideas around improvements we can make, we want to hear from you.

Market Research

A big part of our sustainability comes from B2B relationships. If you're interested in helping FStop grow through partnerships and B2B outreach, please reach out.


We're always looking for creative ways to help spread the word about FStop. The core responsibility of FStop Ambassadors is to drive growth.

Relationship Management

We're looking for someone upbeat and personable to help out with user onboarding and assistance.

Influencer Outreach

Part of our growth strategy involves introducing FStop to folks with large, engaged social media followings to see if we can arrive at some kind of mutual value exchange. If you fancy yourself a negotiator and want to drive our growth, this could be perfect for you.

Film Making

We're seriously considering a crowdfunding campaign and could use some help telling the FStop story through film. If you have a knack for motion and storytelling, please reach out!


FStop will soon need to ask for some help in order to continue growing. If you're interested in helping out with our crowdfunding campaign, we could use a hand :).

Event Coordination

We'd like to kick off some local events where FStop members come together to offer workshops, group collaborations, photo adventures and more. We're looking for driven individuals to help push this forward.

Mobile App Development

If you're looking for a place to sharpen your iOS or Android app development skills, reach out! We have a lot of work to do on both iOS and Android.

Web App Development

The web app is FStop's sandbox - where we play with ideas and test functionality before shipping to mobile. If you have an eye for detail, solid UI/UX skills, consider yourself to be a solid web developer, and are looking for a fun way to sharpen your skills, please let us know.


We're looking for someone to help us fill these positions :).

If any of these positions interest you, reach out to us at contact@fstop.fm with your resume, a link to your FStop profile, and a brief introduction.