What is FStop?

FStop is an online community for visual artists. Models, photographers, stylists, and other visual artists use FStop to build their creative teams. Businesses, agencies, and consumers use FStop to hire artists.

What does "beta" mean?

It means we're young and growing - so you may encounter some quirky behavior from time to time.

How does FStop work?

First, you create your profile and start swiping.

After identifying profiles that interest you - send some messages and make some art!

Once you're done, you can write reviews on one another and share your creations on the FStop Feed.

How does swiping work?

Swiping right saves a user to your "Liked users" list. Swiping left means "Later" - the user will not appear again until you reset your swipes.

Who can use FStop?

Visual artists of any type. Photographers, Models, Retouchers, Makeup Artists, Stylists, Consumers, Agencies, and Businesses are all welcome on the platform.

If your skillset isn't listed as an Artist Type in the registration process, please sign up and reach out to us so we know you're here.

What are Consumers?

Consumers are folks that are looking to hire artistic talent - say for a professional headshot or a special event.

If you want Consumers to be able to contact you, visit your Settings to opt in (or out).

Do you need to be a professional to use FStop?

No. All skill levels are welcome. We do expect users at all skill levels to follow our photo policy.

Professional users can mark their profiles as such; you may also search for professional users through the browse filter.

We've also seen hobbyist artists connect with professionals to form mentorships - something we love and encourage.

Can I use FStop to find a mentor?

Yes. Users can mark their profiles as "Mentor" to connect with users seeking mentorship.

How do I get featured on your blog?

We are currently featuring collaborations only - if you have collaborated with someone from FStop, reach out to your relationship manager in-app and we can set you up.

Can I post nudity?

Yes. If your profile contains content that others may consider "NSFW", you can set your profile to be NSFW in your Settings.

How many photos can I upload?

Currently, nine.

What is FStop Plus?

FStop Plus is how we keep the application alive. All members have FStop Plus while we're in beta.

I don't want random people messaging me here. How do you prevent that?

The only people that should be contacting you are other artists that want to collaborate, or consumers that want to hire you.

If anyone messages you for any other reason, please report them (scroll to the bottom of their profile). Users misusing this platform will be unconditionally banned.

How do Reviews work?

After you meet someone through FStop, you can post a Review on them.

How do Casting Calls work?

You can submit a Casting Call with the same filters that you use to browse users.

Once you compose your casting call, you can Preview your message to see how many members your casting call will reach.

How do I stand out?

Make sure your profile is 100% complete.

Remain active and responsive.

Get reviews.

I've been marked as a "Staff Pick". What does this mean?

Congratulations! This means a staff member thought your profile stood out. This usually happens with 100% complete profiles. If you have a complete profile and are relatively active on the site, chances are you'll be a Staff Pick.

Profiles marked as such will be displayed more often - helping everyone connect with active, engaged users.

Are the reviews real?

We manually scrutinize every Review that gets posted to ensure they are resulting from an actual encounter between two members.

If we suspect foul play, we will reach out to the users to validate.

If we cannot validate, the Review is not posted. If we discover fraudulent reviews, the user will be unconditionally banned from the platform.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes - but only for iOS. Look for FStop on the app store.

Where can I use the app?