Casting Calls

Casting Calls can be submitted through the browse screen, and enable you to send a message to a set of 20 - 50 users based on your filter criteria.

What's an example of a good casting call?

"Hi! My name is Mick - I'm looking for someone to work with on an dramatic beach shoot - see my profile for examples of my past work. Location will be somewhere near Hermosa - I'm going for TFP but am open to paying if necessary. I'm looking to shoot sometime within the next week or so. Thanks for your time!"

Why was my casting call rejected?

Casting Calls are currently intended for collaborations or hiring. If your casting call advertises your business or your rate, it may be rejected. If your profile is not complete or contains photos that we consider to be unprofessional (like selfies, or pictures of you holding your camera), it may be rejected. If you submit many casting calls in a row, all but the first may be rejected. If you encourage users to message you off-app within your casting call message, it may be rejected.

If your casting call is not detailed and professional, it may be rejected. Remember - casting calls are intended to facilitate hiring or collaboration - provide as much detail as you can about what you're looking for so that your message is actionable.

For any questions, please reach out to your relationship manager in-app.